Printing services

    ◇ printing Qian service
1, and door chat business; understand customer requirements, quickly quotes;
2, and to customer provides recommends and modified programme, seriously check early film and sample, signed contract;
3, and on customer manuscript text, and film, and proofing implemented three school, by customer final signed;
4, and on more complex printing products, provides finished proofing service, To customers a more comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing process of the product effect
5, specific production requirements, to make good technical support for customers, contracts, film, proofs, "qi, clearing," arrange production according to customer requirements.
• printing services
1, serious and responsible in strict accordance with the sample or customer requirements for printing;
2, printed samples must undergo secondary check-like, and strive to achieve perfect;
3, in order to meet customer requirements, solve problems in printing.
◇ printing Hou processing
1, and according to customer requirements combined products process features arrangements the road process of has order, reasonable arrangements production;
2, and on printing semi-finished products for quality and the number detection;
3, and each road process strictly implemented detection system, on not qualified products strictly implemented eliminated;
4, and on print of quality and the number for strictly checks, issued certificate.
• prepress services
1, packing-packing according to customer requirements, free delivery in the city, a large quantity of vehicle handling personnel;
2, sent to foreign customers according to their requirements and printing products;
3, take customer feedback seriously, customer complaints of product quality problems, day for the initial solution, ensure that resolved within a week.

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